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Topkapı Palace

Topkapi Palace

Topkapı Palace - The Gate of Salutation

Administrative headquarter of the Ottoman Empire. It was started to be built after the conquest of Constantinople in 1459. It was constantly developed with the new buildings constructed according to the requirements.

Buildings and exhibitions:
  • Hırka-i Saadet building : Sacred Custodies of the prophet and the caliphs are exhibited: Swords and holy books and writing panels belonging to Hz. Mohammed, Kaabe belongings, some building materials and belongings that were taken after restorations of the Kaabe, the locks and keys of Kaabe . The sword of Hz. Ali named Zülfikar , The letter of the prophet written on leather in 12 lines with the seal of the prophet and sakal-ı şerif (the beard of Hz. Mohammed) kept in embroidered cases can be visited.

  • Fatih Manor House: (Kasikci ) Spoonmaker's diamond ( 86 carats ) , theTopkapi dagger and a throne are exhibited.
  • Palace kitchens: Located at the right side of the second courtyard . Chinese and Japanese porcelains are exhibited here.
  • Helvahane section : Metal kitchenware , coffee sets and tombacs are exhibited
  • Main stable: Horse harnesses and sultanate carriages are exhibited.
  • Seferli Koğuşu ( room of warriors ) : cloths of Sultans
  • Kubbealti where the council meetings were conducted.
  • Church of Hagia Irene which was also used as an arsenal.

    Some of the Collections you will admire:
  • Istanbul Glassware and Porcelain: Product of Istanbul which were First Ottoman porcelains produced in Beykoz and Yıldız porcelains., Blue annd white porcelains and multiple colored porcelains .
  • Portraits of Sultans and Paintings : Engravings, oil paintings, watercolours and paintings on ivory.
  • Silverware : 2000 silverworks from 15th century.
  • Sultan Caftans, Fabrics, Carpets and Sacred Coverings ,
  • The Privy Room and Holy Relics Chamber ,
  • Imperial Treasury
  • Sacred Custodies of Hz. Mohammed the prophet and the caliphs
  • Armors and weapons : Used by sultans as well as the state officials in various periods

Topkapi Palace was left in the middle of the 19th century and lost its function as the center of the state. The palace was turned into a museum in 1924.

Address: Cankurtaran, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 512 04 80

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